I thought I would just post a VERY edited version of long prayer from today’s journal. There’s a lot that I left out but I think it gives an idea of some things I was seeing God do & bless me with from last week.

God, I’m trying to recover today. I’m really tired. I can tell. I haven’t taken a real break for a while but I’m thankful for the week that I just had at OGN.
–    You met me as I taught apologetics. I feel like it is so good to help some Xians to think & really engage their mind in their faith
–    You really helped me with that 2nd of the 3 evening talks. I felt like the 1st & the 3rd weren’t that great, but the middle one was a very anointed talk.
–    I’m thankful that I did the evangelism – every day, every stinking day ☺ I didn’t even take the legit days off. It’s important to me that I feel a little of the rejection. I think of Col 1: 24Now I rejoice in what was suffered for you, and I fill up in my flesh what is still lacking in regard to Christ’s afflictions, for the sake of his body, which is the church.
–    It was truly great to be with some old friends.
o    Josh – what he said to me about the step I took believing in him was very cool!
o    Brandon – maybe the HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK for me was seeing what a great job Brandon is doing, remembering when he came to Christ.
o    Jerry McElroy – it’s great seeing what a model he continues to be, stretching himself,
o    Our team – it was fun doing this with Brian, Sarah, Daniel, Jason & our band – I was really proud to say to people, they are ours.
–    How wonderful is it that my own kids dive into OGN – Bethany pouring her life into the girls, DEN a witnessing machine. LIFE LONG ANSWERS TO PRAYER
–    DEN’S crew – all having hearts inclined to You – Blasé, Tyler, Mac, Michael et al
–    Thanks for all the encounters that I had w/ people while witnessing
o    Muslim guys on their way back to Kuwait,
o    Michael from Hong Kong, Matt from Chula Vista – who were very close to trusting You
o    Praying for the anasyphalic baby
–    It was good to give everything I had – I was either teaching, witnessing, spending time with one of the guys, counseling, praying with people, talking with kids or sleeping
–    It was good to go 5 days in the USA, in my own city w/o TV, radio, media of any kind
–    I didn’t even have time to drive down & ck out the surf at Garbage
–    It was funny how there were some people that I didn’t go up to out of fear. I’m sorry for that I know it was a lack of faith. Some of it was about experience & logic, but some of it was certainly about fear. One of our best convos was with “Bernie” (or something Portuguese that sounded like that). He was surf looking cat on a bike that didn’t fit my profile but Chad went up to him & it was fantastic conversation in English, Spanish combined w/ Portuguese (He’s from Brazil).

So, thanks for the week. I do ask that You restore my soul. I’m exhausted, but very grateful! I’m blessed to be included in what You are doing.

Here’s a couple of pics:

1st one I snuck a pic of a couple of our kids in a convo w/ a guy at PB

This was one of the spectacular sunsets from the balcony of the meeting room at Point Loma Nazarene U. The pic doesn’t do it justice, but oh well