Ok, But First

We all love coffee right?  Or at least the idea of drinking coffee.  Because what better way to start your day, give you energy, or help you along?  Very often when we begin our day or are about to go to the next thing, we think to ourselves… “Ok, But First COFFEE.”  We all love coffee, but we want to challenge you that the most important thing is actually not to start things off with a cup of joe, but to start by time spent with God.  Just a quick moment of connection.  What would happen if we had “Ok, But First…” moments over and over again where we turned to the presence of God before a Venti Carmel Macchiato, extra hot, with an add shot.

Aug 20-  “The Most Important Part of Your Day” – Ben Toth

Aug 27- “Simple Prayers” – Jarred Benitez

Sept 3- “When God Shakes The Room” – Mark Oestriecher