As you Journey-ites all know, I was out of town this weekend. I always miss being at Journey. I love our community, our worship & being a part of what God is doing in our midst.

That being said, I had a great weekend. Some of our best friends in the world, Bill & Teri Meier’s oldest daughter, Taylor, was getting married to a great guy by the name of Roy Enright. I was thrilled for them & to be invited to be a part. I’ve known Taylor since she was a tiny baby. We spent countless evenings with our kids bundled up at their house (literally bundled – Bill’s a little cheap on the heat in his house, you can see your breath most of the year). Both Taylor and Roy have a wonderful story of God working in their lives. It was great reconnecting with people that we labored with trying to reach students in the 80s & 90s. Once you’ve been in ministry trenches with people, you never do lose that bond. It was cool.

Meiers,Clarke, L photo

It was also cool to connect with some of my friends kids!

Below, Jeff Bishop & Drew Meier – best man. Drew is about 6′ 10″, groom was a mere 6’9″. Taylor is taller than me (I’m 5’10”). I felt like one of the 7 dwarfs flown in to do the wedding.

Drew & Jeff photo

We stayed with one of our other best friends from Omaha, Clarke Stevens. Clarke is clearly the coolest orthodontist in the country. On Sunday we went to an 18 month old Church.

I took a quick tour of a world-class crib belonging to one of Bill’s friend. I honestly am not that into houses, but this man had a guitar collection that is simply EPIC! He has a Rickenbacker played by George Harrison, another Rick played by Tom Petty. 2 Stratocasters played by Eric Clapton, a Telecaster played by Bruce Springsteen, guitars played by Chet Atkins, B.B. King, Peter Frampton, Richie Sambora and others I can’t remember right now.

Jim & Guitars photoGuitars - Jim & I photoBB King photo

George Harrison’s Rick

Geo Harrison guitar photo

I have a lot of friends in Omaha that I never seem to get to see when I get back to Omaha because I’m usually there for a quick ministry kind of purpose and need to get back. One of these days I’m going to chill for a while & try to connect with lots of people that I would love to catch up with.

Below: Linda hanging out downtown (old market) and Conor Oberst’s house.

L downtown photoConnor Oberst casa photo

I’m heading to our annual Staff Huddle in Palm Springs and got lots to do to get ready to kick off one of our greatest series – God At The Movies. I’ll blog about that later in the week, but suffice it to say I’m already looking forward to this weekend.