Last weekend might have been my favorite so far in our Christmas series called “MYSTERY”.


I’m reading a commentary tonight on Luke 2 from the Ancient Christian Commentary series. Thomas Oden edits this brilliant series that basically takes all the early church fathers writings on a given passage and organizes them passage. MONEY! One thing that I re-noticed tonight is how enthralled & fascinated these guys were with the miracle & mystery of the incarnation. Ambrose said this:
He was a baby & a child, so that you may be a perfect human being. He was wrapped in swaddling clothes so that you may be feed from the snares of death. He was in a manger, so that you may be at the alter. He was on earth that you may be in the stars. He had no other place in the inn, so that you may have mansions in the heavens…
Give me chills!

Here’s a few weekend highlights
•    CHETTA’S MY JOURNEY – this wrapped up 3 powerful stories of the chain reaction of one invite. I looked around at the end of her story & saw about everyone wiping their eyes. I heard of one guy this week, who even though he’s kind of an introvert & “inviting is not his thing”, took a bunch of flyers & went around to everyone at his workplace and extended an invitation. My colleague & friend Rod Kaya has Chetta’s story on his blog (click here). Check it out if you missed it.


•    ROCKIN’ THE LAUBACH – well we ordered more than enough books (Letters by a Modern Mystic) or so we thought. Completely sold out again. I’m so stoked. This could rock Journey!
•    U2 PEACE ON EARTH – what a great song. Skyler Lustig put together some great B-Roll from his recent trip to some of the poorest parts of Southeast Asia. What a great song.


•    GETTING 2 MESSAGE READY AT THE SAME TIME – I’ve been working on last weekend & Christmas Eve at the same time. That’s why this post is late & short. I’m not sure how smart this was or how much sense each one will make.
•    BACK IN THE AGUA – What w beautiful weekend. We had lots of cold (apologies to my mid-western buddies) & rain last week. So Cal is gorgeous after a rain. Saturday some friends met at my house to head out. The mountains had some snow on them, but it was about 70 at the beach. Little waves but I couldn’t wait to get another session on my nuevo board.

View from the back yard


Front yard – but I don’t think you can see the snow on the mountain in the background


3 new boards – mine is the one in the middle – but those 2 bought it for me – long story…


•    FOOTBALL PROVIDENCE – Well the unlikely scenario of hope & mindless optimism for Charger fans came to pass this weekend – Denver lost the last 3 games while the Bolts walked a tight rope without a net & got the one & only situation that could get them into the playoffs. Additional blessing: the game got flexed & will be featured in prime time this Sunday night. Not trying to take credit but things did start to turn around when I went to that Thursday night game… I’m just saying…

CHRISTMAS EVE: If you get to read this before Wednesday, make sure you pray for churches all over the world especially those who leverage this wonderful season to reach people who are outside of Christ. Pray for us… heck pray for ME. I’m taking a break from getting ready for tomorrow’s 3 services to post this bad boy.  Someone who has some pretty strong prophetic gifting & seems to always pray some amazing prayers for me came to the office today, drug me over to the sanctuary had me stand where I’m going to speak & began to pray. She is expecting miracles. Anyone want to join her?