August at Journey was __________! As I’ve been typing I’ve typed and deleted about 10 adjectives – stellar, amazing, powerful, moving (you get the picture). It’s become one of our traditions at Journey to speak on prayer and turn up the prayer temp with a solid week of seeking God together to start the year. There are really two “new years” – the one in January and the one that starts the school year. So we try to have some season of seeking God in prayer for each.

We finished our series huge!


We had our friend Roy Cochran leading worship. Roy is an anointed worship leader. He was the worship pastor at Journey before I got here twelve years ago and now travels all over the world consulting and encouraging worship leaders and pastors. Roy’s been a great friend and has shaped a lot of what Journey is. Not to mention that we both graduated from the prestigious Bolsa Grande High School in Garden Grove, CA.

It was a powerful time of worship soaked in God’s presence.



We finished the series with a message I called “PRAY BIG”. We’d been teaching on the Lord’s prayer and I felt like to be fair to the teaching on Jesus we had to embrace all those “pray big” challenges, promises, commands and invitations that are in the mouth of Jesus in the gospels. In do so, we looked at the relationship of two prominent threads in the Bible: “Hallowed be Your Name” and “the Fear of the Lord.” I won’t re-preach it here, but it was fun for me.


Our series on prayer is over. Our amazingly powerful week of prayer with 24/7 prayer, prayer journals, and nightly prayer gatherings are in the rear-view mirror. But we aren’t done praying. The point is the change what we call “normal”! So lets PRAY BIG!