The shift that makes the other shifts go is what we called this weekend, THE PRAYER SHIFT – from “saying prayers” to a “prayer centered life”. One of the fun realizations that I keep bumping into is how much really good thinking has gone into this particular shift. It’s like every varsity level follower of Jesus understands that they need to learn now to practice that simple yet profoundly challenging little verse in the New Testament: “Pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

Every week of this series we’ve also had a corporate launch or movement that we laid out – the WE shift that went along with the ME shift. This week we opened our PRAYER CENTER. Leaders in our prayer ministry have had a vision for this for a bunch of years and this was the weekend that we pushed away from the dock. It’s still under construction, but we are off and running. Somehow we stumbled on the fact that the new prayer center happens to be located at the exact center of our mall thing that we inhabit. Cool.

Worship was really sweet this weekend.

Our “Praying for Healing” Class kicked off this weekend. The thing was packed. Felt like there was lots of faith in the room!

There’s over a hundred people CHARGING on the whole food pantry/ thrift store… the community is going to be rocked – Matt 5:16

I was talking to a long time Journey-ite on Sunday by THE CENTER and she was sharing how many things are breaking loose in her life all of the sudden. She just said… “GOOSEBUMPS!”
This has been a great 2011 so far. Yes, GOOSEBUMPS!

GO LAKERS – On Sunday night some of us kept a promise we’ve been making for the last couple of years to get up to Staples Center to catch a Lakers game. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t love the Lakers so this was kind of like a hajj to our basketball Mecca. Keith, Ralph, Brett and I had a great time and the boys look they are tuning up for the 3-Pete!