Let’s get real here – we want to see pics of the babies and their parents –but allow me to have you read a couple of thoughts on the weekend and then I promise, PICS PICS and MORE PICS!

I love what God is doing at Journey to help us more and more be the FLESH AND BLOOD PRESENCE OF JESUS in our community and to our schools. We received a bunch of wonderful “Thank you” notes from teachers and administrators so we felt led to parlay this into a “Teacher Appreciation & commissioning” moment. It was very cool and my teacher friends told me it really affirmed their calling. More and more I’m feeling that’s the role of our services and of us pastors – to affirm YOUR calling!

PURSUE PEACE – We finished up our series with a huge essential: Pursue PEACE. We looked at the Old Testament background of Shalom and then dove into Hebrews 12. Fun!

BABY DEDICATION – This is a good time for us at Journey. It’s a great time for me! The thing that is most special about these times is the stories that each of those babies represent. This time there were a couple of stories, one in particular, that were straight up MIRACLE stories – God mightily, supernaturally, powerfully at work! Yeah God. May God use each of these little ones as world-shaking followers of the Lord Jesus! Here goes the promised pics! (disclaimer: I tried to get pics of everyone; but these are all the ones I have – If you email me yours I would LOVE to post them!)