Let’s face it.  Sometimes we stink.

The more we run around, get dirty, have fun, live life…. The more we stink.  That’s just the nature of things.  And if we’re being honest, for us as Junior Highers, it doesn’t take a long before we start to turn others noses.

It’s important that we notice when we stink, to take a shower, and to remember to put on deodorant.

Throughout the scriptures, it talks about sin as having its own stench.  Sin is rotten.  It’s like a disease. It’s something that needs to be thrown away and cleaned.  Sin stinks.

And let’s face it.  Sometimes we sin.  Therefore, sometimes we stink.

But Jesus offers us a new way.  A way to be cleaned.  He teaches about the fresh air of grace and what it would mean for us to start brand new.

So do ourselves a favor.  Make sure you take a shower.… oh… and don’t forget to put on deodorant.


March 26– We All Stink : “The Smell Of Sin” 

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