Well, this was it, that last weekend we could really work the whole “NEW YEAR” angle. But if I could leverage that natural desire, that call of our best selves to me the person we’ve always known we can be, I would want to leverage that desire for us at Journey by challenging, cajoling, nagging, exhorting US to put the U in COMMUNITY!



In fact I would say that it is impossible to live out the values of the Kingdom, the better reality Jesus calls us to enter, unless we are meaningfully connected to His community, to (as we learned in acts) this thing called “eklesia” (the New Testament word that gets translated “church”).


Of course it’s no accident that the act that Jesus left us to do is sometimes called “COMMUNION”. This COMMON life is what is shared in Jesus-Centered “COMM-U-NITY!



As we looked at in Acts 2:41ff this COMMUNITY that Jesus invites us into is a community of “WORD, AUTHENTICITY, SHARED LIFE and PRESENCE! (See Acts 2:42 esp).


So this week we launch the COMMUNITY BIBLE EXPERIENCE! It is a church-wide initiative. We’ll read scripture together individually, in our small groups, and begin a series called “EAT THIS BOOK” on how to love, enjoy and delight in the “Words of God”. We are also doing everything we can to get you in a small group for the next 8 weeks. I’m starting one personally! Come to our SMALL GROUP CONNECTION NIGHT on Wednesday, Feb 1 and you’ll be in an 8-Week Group that you will pick by the end of the evening. Show up, we’ll take it from there. Click here for info.