It is always a little strange to me to NOT be speaking on a weekend. That’s especially the case in a weekend like this one in which I’m able to just sit back & enjoy the service. And enjoy it I did. It was a communion-oriented service with kind of a community emphasis. Sarah Merk, Todd Tolson & Rod Kaya (click on their names for their blogs) taught & led us through the service. I loved being back & worshipping with our community.

CHRISTMAS IS OFFICIALLY ROLLING – We got our tree on Saturday. Our season commences with a fight over which tree, how big, what kind of pine, flocked (Ed & Bethany… we have NEVER won) or green (everyone else – the oppressors). Anyway here’s the tree. BTW – tree prices are down this year.


DEAR FRIENDS FROM EL SALVADOR – I didn’t get to mention this but we had 2 wonderful friends from El Salvador staying with us fro a few days a week or so ago. Nelson & Rosemary Rivas have hosted me countless times on ministry trips to San Salvador. They are now planting a church in Guatemala City. Rosemary came with their daughter Daniela (whom I’ve known since she was a baby). It’s her 15th b-day & in for a kind of Quinsinera gift they are touring California. We had a ball hosting them. We were able to introduce them to sushi.



COFFEE WITH BRAD HANDSEN – Brad is the Pastor of Worship Arts at Bonita Valley Community Church (click here) but more to the point, Brad and I have been friends since I first became a Christ follower. Brad recruited me into youth ministry by talking me into taking our Junior High students to Forest Home Camp – that only lasted for 2 decades. Anyway since we are both in SD we try & get together every so often & I always feel refreshed & encouraged after hanging out with Brad. Here’s a pic of Brad in his mid-life crisis car.


THIS WEEK – I’m planning to get a couple of days this week in some desert solitude. I’m looking forward to a little time to pray & reflect. December is a pretty intense ministry month. I want to be as ready as possible.