It seems like I regularly run into some kind of hubbub about MAN-NESS. There is something of a Christian masculinity movement going on out there that occasionally engenders some discussion that seems to reveal a lot more passion, hurt and anger than you would notice just walking around minding your own business (which of course I try to do).

Here at Journey John Elderidge books are not hard to find. Heck, they aren’t hard to find in my own house. They are regularly used as resources and study guide for various ministries. I’ve read and liked several of his books. He stirred up a little controversy when he published the wildly successful “Wild At Heart”.

Occasionally the not-looking-like-it’s-even-close-to-over argument over roles in the church pops up in places where you really aren’t looking for it. And being the diverse collection of individuals we are at at Journey majoring on the BIGGIES and trying to not to overly sweat the small stuff, some of us like people like Mark Driscoll et al and some of us, well not so much. My fellow pastor Todd posted a video by said famous pastor that stirred up some interesting discussion. You can see his blog here.

Candidly, it’s easier to find heat than light in this area. Which is why I’m posting this link to a great article by Bradon O’Brien in Christianity Today entitled A Jesus for Real Men – What the new masculinity movement gets right and wrong.I found it in a footnote of the great book (so far) that I’m reading by Alan and Debra Hirsch called “Untamed”. They were making a critical point about making Jesus over in our image. Alan has a Jewish background so he’s kind of into the whole 2nd Commandment thing.

The article is fair and well reasoned. I think you might enjoy it. Light is good. Click here.