September is kind of a Re-start so let’s use that to RE*Engage. We built this service around the idea of SACRAMENT. As I mentioned in the service, here’s the spot on definition of the word.

sacrament |ˈsakrəmənt|  noun

a religious ceremony or act of the Christian Church that is regarded as an outward & visible sign of inward & spiritual divine grace,

ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French sacrement, from Latin sacramentum ‘solemn oath’ (from sacrare ‘to hallow,’ from sacer ‘sacred’), used in Christian Latin as a translation of Greek mustērion ‘mystery.’

Yes! Following Jesus means we are following one who is sent. Logically we are going to pick up some of His “Sent-ness”, but He takes it up a notch and makes it explicit.

John 17:18 “As You sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world.

And this is primarily about WITNESS.

Before I give you all the great pics, I need to be really clear that I was heavily dependent on ideas of 2 people – Stanly Haurwas and Alan Hirsch. Here are a couple of links to check out!