We launched “Renaissance” last weekend at Journey. The events of Easter mean we can experience Resurrection life, Renaissance. It’s something God is doing and is His unstoppable plan! But for us it starts with us experiencing “Birth from above” new birth!
The question is how to experience that. It’s beyond an IN / OUT idea that many of us understand when people starting talking about being “Born Again”. It’s about experiencing and seeing God do Renaissance in my life. That’s where recovery fits in. That was the essence of the message this week.


WORSHIP was sweet and powerful this weekend. We keep pressing into God and it feels like God is growing us as a community that worships!


LINDSAY shared a powerful story of her renaissance in her own life as she found grace and life-giving community in our single parents group! I loved listening to her story in each service. As she shared, I couldn’t help but think, “This is what we dream for Journey! This is who we are and who we want to be!”

This series is going to change us.


Last week we took one step toward that the “recovery” we all need. This weekend we take another as we speak of “Renaissance as Release”. Get ready for another powerful story of renaissance with the My Journey!