I was so excited to be back together as a community – you’d think it had been months. But it had only been since Christmas Eve! I was also super stoked to teach on our ULTIMATE VALUES – which as we live into them, I believe changes everything! We do this same talk every year. At Journey we so long to be all about…

GOD – our ultimate value. We pray, “Hallowed be Your Name” – God, do something in us, remove the scales from our eyes, lift the insanity that would value anything above You.”

LOVE – “Let all that you do be done in love”.  This is it!

But the idea isn’t to try hard and love, it’s that God would make us people who love. A MASSIVE difference!

GRACE – “Not that we love God, but that He loved us”. This… THIS is where we start!




It seemed absurd to NOT start the year together and not take the BREAD & the CUP.



Sweet weekend… and enough of us must have showed up, because the quasi-miraculous run of the Chargers kept rolling! Viva el Bolo!