Riptiders & Parents!!!! We are having a Disneyland Day On MARCH 8th!

We have decided to plan a Disneyland Day Trip, with a little bit of a catch…. It’s on a Friday….

Oh no!!! A Friday, don’t we have school??? Why a Friday?   🙁

***There are a bunch of our Riptide Students and Leaders that hold Southern California annual passes. What this means is our “Blockout” dates restrict us from going all weekends, school breaks, etc. In other words, we wouldn’t be able to go any time that students are off of school.

Not to mention, that those “Blockout” dates are massively crowded.

Parents, we understand that this is a bit of a long shot and can put you in such an odd place to make decisions: cost, date, school, etc.

But we wanted to send out an invite, in the same way a family trip would involve asking a few friends along.

So here’s our question, are you a Disneyland passholder? Are your grades strong enough where taking off a day of school is acceptable? Is this even a possibility? You can come even if you are not a passholder you just need to purchase a ticket either online or at Disneyland.

Can you go to Disneyland with us?


When: Friday, March 8th from 7:00a-11:00p

Pick up and Drop off at (Riptide) Journey Community Church

Cost: Just the Cost of your Disneyland Tickets ($129), plus money for food… or you can pack food!

***We will pay for Gas, Travel, and the Parking fee:)