AWE: A Series on Church

All too often life can seem bland, routine, mundane, even repetitive at times.  The sun rises and the sun sets and whatever happens in between is often forgetful.

When someone asks us “How you are you doing?” and our normal response can easily become, “I’m bored,” “I’m tired,” “Fine,” or “Ok.”

We so rarely respond by talking about how absolutely incredible, full, inspiring, awe-filled, or passionate our days can be.

But we are called to so much more.  More than the ordinary, more than the simple.

All around us there is potential to brush up against the magnificent.  The sun rises painting a picture of a brand new start and the sun sets lighting up the skies with a fire reminding us of the masterpiece that we get to take part in.  What happens in between can be filled with awe.

Join us this season, as we remind ourselves that we are a part of something more.  We are a part of something bigger than just you and me.  Inside of us and all around us, the spirit is coming down like tongues of fire, uniting us, providing for us, empowering us, and filling us with AWE.

May 13 AWE- Drunk By Nine (What happens when the Holy Spirit comes)– Morgan Mitchell

May 20 AWE – Look! Water! (Baptism) – Jarred Benitez

May 27 AWE – Filled with AWE (All the believers were together and had everything in common) – In The Middle