Giants Aren’t Scary

We all have different battles we are facing. Some feel small and some feel gigantic. There are some battles that effect one of us, but don’t mean much to the others around.

But the reality is, is that sometimes we have to face our own giants. We have to face our own fears, issues, anxieties, and challenges.

For the Israelites, Giants lived in the land and were invading their battlefields… towering above others, brandishing bronze swords and spears.  Who are we to stand up against them?

The question is: For those of us who are small, what could we learn from a sling and a couple stones?

I think that we would learn more than we know.                                                                                                         I think that we would learn that we don’t have to be afraid.                                                                                       That we actually have the upper hand.                                                                                                                       I think that we would learn that “Giants Aren’t Scary.”


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