You may know about the little boy, Max. I believe I had a post about him. A while back I felt led to stop the Friday night service & pray for him. His aunt, Randee (Randee & Mike are long time stellar people at Journey) got his mom on the phone & we prayed together for Max & this family.

Max passed away last night. You can see his blog that his mom kept here.

Will you take just a second & hold these people in the presence of God? Thanks. I knew you would.

As I was praying this morning about this, this was a part of the exchange I had with the Lord as recorded in my journal; it was instructive to me:

God, please, we need You to go there right now! (Ed, I’m already there, but this is a good prayer).

More on the weekend later today.

Shalom to you & Shalom to the Mikulak family.