No question: we just had a landmark weekend at Journey!

In the midst of THE JESUS CREED SEASON (calling it a series is so reductionistic) we have experienced God moving in our community. It’s so cool to see the wonderful symbiosis of God-love and Neighbor-love in our personal lives, in our small groups, in our gatherings. God is at work. Of course the PHRASE “JESUS CREED” and the very idea of doing this series came from a seminal book by Scot McKnight by that title. So, when we were laying out the series we asked Scot if he’d be willing to leave the paradise that is Chicago in February and come out for the weekend to San Diego. He said yes and I’ve been counting the days till last weekend.

After an amazing time of WORSHIP & COMMUNION, Scot laid out an amazing take on the Jesus Creed. It’s so fun to watch a guy who works in the world of professional scholars be able to bring all that expertise to bare in a MESSAGE that is accessible to everyone in the crowd. We left pumped up and inspired.

We also sold a lot of books (once again we sold out of 40 Days of Living the Jesus Creed)

LEADERSHIP CONNECTION – Scot was gracious enough to spend all morning Saturday with about 200 of our leaders with a 2-part seminar – part one was how to really read and understand the bible. The case study was the issue of divorce. It wasn’t look at the scriptural teaching on divorce, but it was look at how Jesus read Moses and how Paul helped Christ-followers in the Greco-roman world apply Jesus’ teaching. Part two covered what the Bible actually teaches about women in leadership. As you can see we were very clear with him that we wanted to stay away from contentious issues. I’ll be blogging about the latter in the next couple of weeks.

SACRED RHYTHMS – I don’t want to outline my take on the weekend, but what I’m turning over right now is the idea of Sacred Rhythms or organizing my life around the reminder that all of life hangs on this: Love the Lord your God with Heart, Soul, Mind & Strength and love your neighbor has yourself. SHEMA YISRAEL! SHEMA JOURNEY… SHEMA ED!