It’s always fun to launch a new series. But you also find out in a hurry where the holes in your planning are. Often those planning holes for me look like – “how did I ever think I could deal with THIS subject with any integrity in 1 MESSAGE!” Ahhh, the tortured soul of the preacher guy! This weekend was a classic case in point.

A little Spanish this week!

The series is about some of those defining things about life as a Christ follower, those things that come up a LOT in the scripture. I thought it would be a good follow up to “ESSENTIAL GOD” (July series) and a good ramp up to VINTAGE US 2 (our fall series in the book of Acts).

Justice is such a huge theme in the Bible (problem 1 – lots of data) and it’s often been overlooked in the kind of churches that we would call “us” (problem 2 – neglected subject). Additionally, in some churches talking about “justice” has eclipsed and overshadowed the message of Christ’s death and resurrection and the opportunity for heart level life-transformation that is central to the message of the New Testament (problem 3 – suspicion of the subject). But it’s pretty clear that God is working in lots of churches and that the Spirit is speaking to all kinds of leaders about “justice” so I was stoked to dive in.

I loved how the worship was so substantive this weekend! The band did a song called “In My Own Little World” that pre-preached the message! Awesome!

Justice, looks a lot like serving and God had SO prepared hearts at Journey.

Next week’s ESSENTIAL: Love MERCY!