Imagine yourself entering a room of strangers that are singing songs A.) you don’t know, and B.) about a God your not sure you even believe in, let alone feel comfortable calling “good”?  We believe this is the experience of many of our guests on any given weekend.  And lets be honest, even seasoned followers of Christ can sometimes feel jolted into impassioned time of singing to God that, frankly, feels like it may lack a bit of context.  After thinking and gleaning the learnings of some other churches that share our heart for the outsider, we’ve come to the conclusion that every weekend has built into it an opportunity to describe in detail the reasons why we gather and even why we sing – the message.  In short, we believe the message wins people over to the idea of worshipping.  For that reason and a few other more practical reasons, we are shifting our service order from music then message to one song, message then more music.

If you have questions, please join us at the Q&A on Sunday, February 9 at 4:30 PM in Journey Java.