Summer Fun Camp is just a few weeks away and we’re SO excited!
We’ll be diving into our pirate theme “Uncharted Waters” as we explore all of the treasure God has
for us. The Generations Team is working hard on teaching, worship and behind the
scenes pirate surprises! This year our field trips include bowling, roller skating and
a bay day! Thank you so much for all of you that have volunteered to help.
This week could not happen without you!

Daily Prayers

For those families that aren’t able to give their time, we would love to partner with you in prayer.
You can serve this camp by praying with us daily!

Monday – This is training day for all volunteers. Pray for those of us running this
camp. Pray that God prepares our minds, our bodies and our hearts for the week

Tuesday – Pray for the students attending SFC. Pray that these kids meet Jesus in a
tangible way. Pray that our message speaks to their little hearts and that they know
how much God loves them.

Wednesday – Pray for rest – at the end of day 3, fatigue sets in. Pray for the
students as well as the adults that we’re blessed with restful nights and fresh
mornings. And coffee. Lots of coffee!

Thursday – Pray for connection. Pray that the students have built connection with
their leaders, one that will continue outside of the walls of camp. It’s so great to see
a 1st grader light up when they see their High School counselor on campus in the
weeks following camp!! Let that connection continue to build with possible future
service in the kids ministry areas.

Friday – Pray for impact! Pray for the kids that attended camp that maybe got to
meet Jesus for the first time, for the kids that already know Jesus to have built an
even stronger relationship with Him and for the impact this has on their families
and communities.

We can’t wait to spend the week with your students!
Here’s to the best week of the summer!!

Sarah Perez
SFC Director