I can honestly say that I have never preached specifically on the spiritual discipline of “SECRECY”. This series called “Significant” is designed to deconstruct our empty broken strategies for significance & to help us toward the path of finding real significance in Jesus. This week we talked about something that Jesus had much on his mind (not as much as what we looked at last week, but it was up there). It is however difficult to succinctly define – it’s the desire for attention, reputation, self justification (not in the theological sense), the desire to be thought of in a certain way. Thus the discipline of “secrecy.” If you want to go a little deeper check out Matthew 6. There is also tons of writing in the genre of Spiritual Theology. It seems like the older devotional writers understood better than us how critical this is to our spiritual progress – here are a couple of people to check out:
François Fénelon – Let Go
Thomas s Kempis – Imitation of Christ
Francis of Assisi – The Little Flowers
Dallas Willard – Spirit of the Disciplines (great 3 page section)

• LEADERSHIP SUMMIT BUZZ – This weekend was unique in that it played out for me & a lot of our Journey types in the shadow of & in the buzz of the Leadership Summit. God was unusually at work in the Summit. Brian Berry has a great summary of the his main insights from each speaker. Check it out here.
• WILLIE’S MEMORIAL SERVICE – Rod did a great job of leading the very moving memorial service for 47-year-old Willie. He came to Christ & to Journey 3 years ago & the impact on his life was wonderful. O the beautiful power of Jesus to change a life.
• HOUSE HASSLES – I had a broken water main that I found out about right before the final talk of the Summit… not to mention that I was preaching about 3 hours from that moment & my wife was in the Summit. Thanks to God for a friend who said, “Get back in there” & went right then to take care of it! I came home to a leak free house WITH indoor pluming!
• THE TIMES THEY ARE A WORKING – Our Sunday morning time changes have really worked. Throughout the summer we have evened out the 2 services almost evenly. The 2 great results have been room in both services & the 1st service is a lot more awake a lot sooner!