SLEEP WALKERS: a series in Ephesians
Have you ever felt like you were sleep walking through life? No excitement.  Nothing to look forward to.  Just the typical mundane.  Going through the same routines with no questions and little thoughts other than, “what are you going to eat?”
Sometimes it is easy to fall into a deep sleep in our walk with God.  We get used to the same routine of going to school, going to practices, family/ friend hangouts, church and we start zoning out to what God has to say to us. He has an amazing adventure waiting for you to live.  But first, you must WAKE UP!

 “Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” Eph 5:14

Come join us as we start our new series “Sleep Walkers” starting October 16!!

October 16: Eph 4:17-32 Wearing the wrong costume (Put off the Old Self)
October 23: Eph 5:1-14  Sleep Walking  (Wake up and Walk in the Way of Love)
October 30: Eph 6:10:18  What are you going wear for Halloween? (The Armor of God)