This was a very cool weekend! The Weekend Services were great! Personally I had a blast too (which is always nice).

We were in part 2 of Tools & Fools. I have a blast preaching narratives. I love exploring the drama, the realism & the brilliant, theologically rich stories of the Scripture. It has seemed pretty obvious that God has had a Word for us at Journey in these stories. It’s a kind of shake us awake kind of Word. I found myself a little shaken thinking about Solomon – if HE could WE could!

The worship was so powerful & rich. That’s not unusual, but I really think we as a community are moving forward in worship – we are more free, a little more real & passionate! “More, Lord!”

To me the fall of Solomon, the amazing experiences from which he fell, needed time to just sit there. I love the Jason found this perfect song to ponder it in the middle of the message. Lindsey nailed it.

HAITI – It only happened at the Sunday at 10:45 service, but it was a total highlight for me. We prayed for our 3 people going to Haiti & were able to raise the rest of the money for them to go. Very cool!

SELAH – Our monthly Worship & Prayer night is always a “wow”! God gave me a word about engaging in prayer for painful things, about courage & specifically praying for our kids. I felt like some of us had been in a cold war state with some strongholds & some evils around us. We get like this because it hurts to engage with passion. Several people felt this was a word for them. I also loved hearing some of the very specific works of God and answers to prayer that people spoke of.

BETHANY’S B-DAY PARTY – I’m not kidding, since she has been old enough to talk, Bethany has somehow maneuvered to turn her B-day into a week to 10-day celebration. This year was no exception. I think we are finally culminated celebrating her special day last Saturday with a dress up party with a lot of her friends.

She is such a beautiful person inside & out & it was fun to see her, her sister & all her friends all having fun. I was surprised to be invited. I’m not sure I would have invited my parents to my party when I was 22.

SURF – For a bunch of reasons, I haven’t been able to paddle out much the last few weeks. So this Saturday it as an absolute blast to surf some fun waves with a bunch of Journeyites. Then Sunday a good surf buddy had the day off & we had 80 degrees & 3-4 footers pretty much to ourselves.

I am going to really try to get that previously promised blog post out this week.