Sometimes you feel the power of synergy. It happens when people come together, focus and agree to go after something God has for them! You can feel God moving over a wide swath of people and it’s cool to get caught up in it. THAT’S WHAT IS GOING ON WITH “SOUL REVOLUTION”.


It’s not just a series of messages on the weekends, although it is that.

  • Weekends
  • Small Groups
  • Personal Devotions
  • Hourly updates

All asking this question for 60 days every 60 minutes: What if I really and consciously lived in the Presence of God.

–       What if I let His presence change me?

–       What if I prayed, “Speak Lord, Your servant is listening”?

–       What if I submitted and surrendered my relationships to Him?

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On Wednesday we launched our Community Connection. We are challenging everybody at Journey to be in a small group for the next 60 days if they aren’t already?

It was awesome to see so many dive in and groups starting on the spot!




We were in week 2 of the SR series with a message on listening to God called God Speaks… I speak! We actually only focused on the first part of this equation.

It was a powerful weekend.

One of our main worship leaders shared his journey with responding to God’s voice.


We looked at how God catalyzes change in our live by speaking to us in the midst of our CONVERSATIONAL RELATIONSHIP (thank you Dallas Willard for your amazing book, Hearing God and for the phrase).


Next Week the revolution moves on to our relationships! The revolution will not be televised… but it shore is being felt!