It’s always bittersweet to say goodbye to our God at the Movies series. It’s a fun series; people’s invite temp goes up; we are able to explore some theological themes that sometimes go overlooked; it’s fun! But it also puts some extra pressure on us – time pressure (we already tend to go long) and prep pressure on the programming team and me! It’s been a great time and God has spoken powerfully to a lot of people. Yeah!

This weekend my favorite part of was the “UNTAMED” idea. “Jesus didn’t die to make you nice!” Of course I just read Alan and Debra Hirsch’s book by this title, which I’m sure influenced what I saw and how I saw it. But it’s also what we are doing in Haiti and all the other “HELL, NO!” (Listen to the message if this just sounds like swearing) things that are going on around here and really among the people of God all over the place.

It was great starting the message by getting beamed up!

Powerful worship! I loved Jason’s leading on “arms wide open” and what that means.

HAITI – You Journey-ites DESTROYED! Our goal was to send our exploratory team down with enough for medical clinic start up and some food issues. By Friday night the clinic was taken care of. By the end of Sunday we were closing in on almost the whole deal the pastor had laid out – you gave around 19k!!!! Heck let’s do the rest of it THIS WEEKEND!

ENGAGEMENT PARTY – Every now and then you have one of those MILESTONE events in a family or in this case in two families. Saturday night we had an engagement party for our daughter Bethany and her fiancé Brett Lindsay. I marvel at the goodness of God to us. It made for a thoughtful Father’s day for me. On which, Charissa unleashed her cooking chops and we had this feast!

BROKENHEARTED JOY – it’s funny how real joy is never far from broken heartedness. There really is pain. Over the course of the weekend I was able to pray with a woman who’s son was killed, a family battling with dad’s cancer and a few other doozies. Real joy is not looking away, but maybe THROUGH. God’s mercy does endure forever. Weeping lasts for this long night, but joy will come in the morning. No, Hell! Hell, NO!