Cool Story, Bro.

There is something about a good story that can draw us in… that can put imagery, color, texture, even life to something as simple as words.  When a story does draw us in, our natural response is to want to hear it again.

About two thousand years ago there lived a master storyteller.  A teacher named Jesus, who for the most part taught people by using a very simple concept- Truth can come to life in a Story.

His stories were provocative, intriguing, even counter-cultural.

I’m sure leaving people thinking… “Cool Story, Bro.  Tell it again.”


July 7 Cool Story, Bro…. Wise and Foolish Builders

July 14 Cool Story, Bro…. Parable of the Good Samaritan

July 21 Cool Story, Bro…. Prodigal Son

July 28 Cool Story, Bro…. Parable of the unforgiving servant

Aug 4 Cool Story, Bro…. Banquet Table

Aug 11 Cool Story, Bro…. The Sower