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All of us remember those moments in our lives when we have looked at the world around us and smiled. Those moments when our joy felt overflowing. Moments when we couldn’t contain our hope, when our eyes were amazed by what surrounded us, and what it felt like to breathe it all in.  Those moments that felt like the sun is rising, or gentle rain on your skin, or those moments of uncontrollable laughter with a good friend.

However all of us remember those moments that made us question the goodness, like weeds creeping into a beautiful garden.

All around us, things are being shaken and life is being breathed into creation.

And so what would happen if we chose to open our eyes and see?  To see the world, to see the goodness and to see the beauty.

What would happen if light was more than just light, if darkness had a deeper meaning?

What would happen if we could learn more from sticks and stones than we thought?


April 12- Sticks and Stones- Stones – Tegan Brindley

April 19- Sticks and Stones- Trails – Tyler Marlow

April 26- Sticks and Stones- Sticks – Ashley Melton