We are closing in on the end of an intense series. And we finally roll into directly talking about sex. The issue of sexuality isn’t something that just gets tacked on to a series about “Life in the Body”. It’s actually pretty central not only to this area but pretty much to Gospel (the good news in the scripture). That’s why we started with what some theologians called “primordial history” in Genesis 1-3.


I’ve come to see this as one of the key issues in bringing the message of Christ to our culture. I believe this will end up being THE issue in the whole realm of “apologetics” (giving a reasonable defense of the Christian message). It’s critical that we first understand the big picture, the arc of the biblical narrative of our sexuality and our lives and that we learn to speak with truth and grace.


RIVITING MY JOURNEY – I was so blown away by Jon Davies My Journey. It takes guts to be that authentic. I love how Jon didn’t flinch and didn’t try to sand off the edges of the story of the affair but let it be as ugly as it was. “My story is a story of hope” – that line floored me and set the tone for a powerful morning.


ACT NATURAL (guys from Journey who formed a really good band) led worship and came out of Jon’s story with a song of restoration and God’s power to take our broken pieces and make something beautiful.


GRACE… REDEMPTION… FORGIVENESS, they’re all still on the table. I got several emails about this message and about the My Journey. One person sent me this killer quote:

–       “Hope is a bird that senses the rising of the sun and starts to sing while it is still dark.”



Next week THE Incarnation! Just in time for Christmas!