We resumed the series “INCARNATE” this weekend with a 2-part message called “The Story of Sex”. Clearly there are several narratives out there when it comes to Sex and our sexuality. Most of the ones we traffic in, to be blunt will leave us broken and far from God.


The other driving force behind this message was our desire to deal with the many controversial issues from a big picture, wide angle point of view. Please don’t mistake this as an unwillingness to speak boldly and clearly. It’s just that God’s “Grand Narrative / Big Story” implicitly answers and speaks lovingly into these contentious places. It’s our working assumption that we lead with God’s “YES”, with “Good News”. Calling people to say BIG YES’S makes the “no”s that one must say along the way much more comprehensible.


As usual, Dan Stevers came up with an amazing video that totally set up the message.

Next weekend we’ll pick up the Story of Sex where we left off.