Camp was incredible! One of the stories we want to highlight is the story of Mehki Key.
Mehki was a student that grew up going to journey in the years of 5th and 6th grade but was heavily involved during His years in Riptide.

In 8th grade, Mehki moved to Atlanta, Georgia to live with his mom, so therefore he was no longer able to join us here at Journey. Fast forward four years later and Mehki has graduated from high school and is expecting to move into his first year at Biola University. But thats not all, he is going for Worship Ministry.

He began his first times of worship at Journeys Rock U program that we partnered with La Mesa Middle School for,  and played in our Riptide band, and now he is leading worship himself. Mehki connected with friends from 4 years ago and signed up to join us at camp after his first weekend back at journey visiting.

A few days later, Mehki came to camp knowing four people and had an incredible time. We spent our last day of camp, (Our beach day) and he led us in Worship before we were able to pray for him and our other seniors, as they were concluding their last event as Encounter Students.   A beautiful story of Journey being “Home” away from home for so many, and how honestly we have no clue, what one small opportunity of giving a middle school worshipper a chance to lead, can do for the Kingdom!

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Morgan Mitchell
High School Director