We just got back home from such an amazing week at Thousand Pines Summer Camp up in the San Bernardino Mountains.

While there we worshiped big, laughed hard, partnered with God, pursued new life, ran around like crazy people, formed new friendships, built community, and grew our Riptide Family.


God was in this week from the very start.  It was completely evident that God had a plan to get specific people there to have individual life changing moments.



One week before camp we still needed 10 more students to sign up, however by the time the bus pulled up to leave we had our numbers filled above and beyond.



After hearing and processing the stories and hardships that our students were going through, and the health and Holy Spirit encounters that happened this past week, all that we can really state, is WOW….God does love us and has not forgotten us!


He loves and seeks out Junior Highers to do big things in his name. He has a plan for them and it is not one that waits for them to grow up, but starts right now as a teenager.

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Jarred Benitez
Junior High Director