It feels like we are on a ROLL in terms of our Weekends!




God’s hand was on us; His presence was obvious.


After a powerful worship time (redundant, I know, but it WAS)…





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We kicked off a new series. Actually it’s like the continuation of our series through 1 Corinthians called Glorious Mess. When you read the letter, it pretty clearly has different movements or “Acts”, like a play. Act 3 is about “pneumaticos” – the “SPIRIT” stuff, the things of the WIND of God.


Even though it’s a big group on the weekend, WITH is critical. I love it that people listen to the podcast, but make no mistake, this is not the same as “presence.” We went into this weekend knowing that some of our people were grieving. One couple had lost their infant son that week. So it felt like we needed a moment to simply hold each other in the presence of God.


SELAH – Sometime, we as a church need to wait for the Wind of God to blow. So once a month (usually the first Sunday) we do something called Selah. The word “Selah” is from the Psalm. No one is 100% sure what it means. It’s most likely a musical notation that means, “Pause” or “Stop here” or “Ponder this” or “Guitar Solo!”. So we gather, with only a song set list and see what the Holy Spirit has for the night. This weekend I loved seeing people love and hold up one another. The couple I mentioned was there – people prayed, wept and prayed and shared visions.


FIRST STEPS – I love our “new-ish” to Journey deal called “1st STEPS”. We talk about Journey Values and DNA and I get to meet and hear from people who are brand new to Journey and usually new to faith. It was so fun to do lunch with the 65 or so people this weekend. This is THE way to figure out what’s up with Journey and if it’s for you!