This last weekend was a great at Journey.

I love experiencing God connecting to & loving his people in worship. It’s always fun to see people connecting and sensing the presence of God in their lives. I love how music gives us this great vehicle to bypass many of our worries, concerns and reasons. I often pray that God will kindle afresh affection and passion for Him as we worship. It’s cool when we move a little closet to Him being our chief joy.

The message was about the “beast of MORE” that lives inside of us. Our team put together a hilarious video featuring some of our kids allowing us to see a little raw human nature. I’ll post a link on twitter & Facebook when it becomes available.

The idea of “CONTENTMENT” as God’s alternative to “MORE” seemed to really strike a cord with people. I think there is a hunger for God and for an escape to “rat on a treadmill” existence that our culture encourages.

NEW FORMAT – I spoke at our college service Sunday night. They are in a series on, what else, SEX & SEXUALITY. And who better to speak on this than me… please stop laughing, you are hurting my feelings. We ended the message with the verse on the KALOS – the beauty to which God is calling us.

That’s the point I could tell God was dealing with people. I had several cool conversations after the service. I walked out really thankful for our college ministry. It’s growing and that doesn’t surprise me. I thought, “What college person would not long for a community like this.”

OGN MONDAY / TUESDAY – Monday & Tuesday was an OGN planning junta. In addition to our team at Journey we had some of the leaders from several other churches. It was especially great to reconnect with some of my Fresno homies. They stayed at Hotel Noble on Monday night. Fun times! More importantly, Brian led us into some cool new directions for OGN. I’m already pumped up about it.