God is doing something glorious in us, in ME! But there are so many things around us and in us that can derail us along the way. That’s where Paul’s at this point in his letter to the Corinthians.


A few points we made:

  • There’s nothing unique here – others have been down this road before and others are on it now. The Island is an illusion
  • Sucker Punching is the norm… so expect it. Despite the words of that great thinker Mick Jagger, the devil never says, “Please allow me to introduce myself…”
  • Temptation is always about GOD… idolatry is as much the issue for us as it was for them.


If you want more get the podcast.


This weekend was one of our BABY DEDICATIONS. I absolutely love the beautiful chaos. I’m going to post a separate post with all the pics I have of the kids and their families.

This weekend check out the message, BALANCING ACT!