Sunday was a great cap to Thanksgiving weekend!

I think it’s tough for lots of people (myself included) to look past the “what I’m thankful for” part of Thanksgiving Day to truly give thanks to the Giver. I love how our team designed a service that was in essence a prayer: “Come Thou Fount of every blessing.” So we built a service around the lyrics of this old hymn.

On a total side note, I love the revival of some of the classic songs of the church, which are so rich in lyrics and theology. Many of them are basically sermons put to music… GOOD SERMONS!


Abby share a riveting My Journey – I love how Jesus reaches people!


I love when we take the bread and the cup! How can such love be? It is!


The main point of the message was the Ebenezer! We gave everyone a rock and invited peeps to add to the pile saying “THUS FAR THE LORD HAS HELPED”. The phrase comes from the story in 1 Samuel 7, specifically verse 12. The Hebrew word is actually two words: eben (stone) Ha(the) ‘etzer (help). The idea is that we look back and we look ahead. So we lift our cup and say, “Lord, MORE!” (See Psalm 116:12-13).