I try to be a positive person. So let me start saying I like sports… a lot…. maybe too much. I love the NFL play offs. I love the increased intensity & urgency with which the teams play. Even the Super Bowl has begun to shed its rep as more spectacle then good game. Last year… O Baby!

I love the NBA & the NBA play offs. The season is about 20 games too long, more of the play off series should be 5 game series, but the play offs & the way those guys ball! Even in the drama of a championship series, the best team, the one with WILL almost always wins.

The Tournament! (NCAA B-Ball)  March Madness is probably the best thing in sports. Even my wife gets into it a little bit. The best team DOES NOT always win. David does beat Goliath sometimes.

So I love a lot of stuff.

But when it comes to COLLEGE FOOTBALL & the BOWL CHAMPIOONSHIP SERIES SYSTEM I have nothing but contempt. It makes a joke of college football. Every couple of years it’s not a total disaster because of sheer chance. But this year the absurdity of the system is on display for all to see. We have a bunch of one-loss teams that will not get consideration. One of which beat the team that is getting a shot (e.g. the mess with Texas / Texas Tech / Ok). Then probably the best team in the country talent wise, certainly the best defense, USC is not even in the conversation. Add to that all the undefeated teams that aren’t from the handful of “major conferences” (Boise State, Utah & until the other night Ball State) don’t even get a sniff! We’ve ruined the magic & tradition of New Years Day that the old system had. We have the worst of all possible college football worlds.

Look, the incoming president is saying he along with all rational people, is in favor of a playoff system. The current president is a sports fan; his UT Longhorns are getting the horns! Surly we can come together to get this done. The economic meltdown can wait. The war on terror will still be there when we’re done fixing the real problem we all face.

Blow up the BCS!