I know, I know. According to me, every weekend at Journey was great. Well that’s pretty much true, but I’m telling you this was an EPIC weekend at Journey. I’m just going to hit a few highlights and share a bunch of pics.

On Saturday our worship ministry put on something called “NIGHT OF MUSIC” which featured a bunch of our worship leaders doing cover tunes. But the unique part was that most of those same leaders are involved giving music lessons at La Mesa Middle School. This culminated in the kids from LMMS performing on a big stage with a high-end sound system and lights and being on a big screen. The kids and their families loved it. We raffled off all kinds of things. You simply must check out the story on my Facebook page about the guitar that was won.



Part 2 of our series featured a message based on the movie “The Help”. After some powerful worship the message was basically about tapping into the deep root of COURAGE.




Then we headed to the playa for our Beach Baptism party. We baptized over 100 people all of which had amazing stories of God’s work in lives. It’s always a special moment for the whole Body. They showed up in force.


Baptism to me feels like one of those “pay days” for a church. This is why we do this. This is CHURCH!