I am pro-life. I don’t see how you could take the Scripture seriously and not be pro-life in some way. I’m not talking about a political position, although there are certainly political ramifications to being pro-life (duh). But, I don’t like the stalemate that we are in as a culture on this issue. I really don’t like the anger I see flying around this issue, especially when it comes from people who are invoking Jesus & the Bible.

That’s why I like the work of LIFE PERSPECITIVES. Think of them as an upstream organization. Instead of focusing on legislation & making abortion illegal, they are focusing on education, helping build the ground work for people to make like affirming choices – making abortion unthinkable. I’ve blogged before about their national campaign called Abortion Changes You. They also have a curriculum called “Whole Life Curriculum” getting at the root of the issue, at a worldview level. (My wife Linda is the author of WLC). They speak, write, educate.

Check out the great websites: Abortion Changes You (here) and Whole Life Curriculum (here).

We at Journey partner with and support them.
Life walk 1Life Walk Beth & Cow

We also get involved in their main fundraiser called the LIFE WALK (click here). Thanks to a several Journey peeps who help me out, I’ve become one of the top fundraiser / walker dudes. I don’t intend to loosen my grip on this position. So help me out. Support me! Better yet, walk yourself. It’s fun. It’s inspiring. It will make a difference.