This weekend churches the world over entered into a week called Holy Week. There are so many reasons that it is the perfect moniker for this week. We are doing something of a “mini-series” with a message about Palm Sunday, this last weekend called “The Offer” and a short message at our Good Friday Services called – The Sacrifice. Easter for us will begin a new series.

Here are a few weekend highlights:
•    The messages & services had their own character a little more than usual. It started Friday when I sat down after speaking only to realize I had spoken for 45 minutes with my fly open. All the way open! Nice! I wondered what those looks were. Personally, I enjoy entering the world & times of Jesus. I always love busting out some Israel pics. Makes me want to go back.
•    Our Worship had a kind of serious tone to it. I’m not sure we planned that. But it did and it was cool.
•    PRAYER AT 10:45 – in between services on Sunday, I was doing my usual “how ya doin” thing. I kept running into people who had overwhelming stuff. In the course of 15 minutes of “how ya doin” – there were 3 different people that totally broke down in tears as we talked. I’m not the quickest person around, but even I can spot this one. We needed to do something. I grabbed Jason during the announcements & we Hosannaed it up. I lead a “LORD save us PLEASE…NOW! (that’s what Hosanna means). We had people who wanted prayer to just step into the isles & then had others lay hands on & pray over them. God was there.
•    I had some fun this weekend also. I watched the NCAA semi-finals at Craig Johnson’s house with some guys. Craig is a great guy, a gracious host & has the mother of all HD TVs! Saturday morning the surf was UP! It was a little scary at times; lots of work, but people were getting epic waves. Today, Monday, was the other kind of fun day. Pretty small & just about everyone knew everyone so there was lots of clowning & waves with 7 of us up on it.
•    BOB RETURNS – We thought our cat was a goner. In our neighborhood, a missing cat is a Coyote feast. But after 4 days, someone in our neighborhood saw the sign & called saying she had Bob.

TODAY – I hope you are using your Journey Thru Holy Week Journal. Also, today is the day that Jesus “cleansed the temple” – cleanse as it trashed – read about it in Mark 11, Luke 19 & Matthew 21.

I’m off to the desert for a couple of overdue days of solitude. My soul need some repair.