It’s always a little tricky getting anywhere near the subject of money. But brave church that we are, we charged it this weekend with THRIVING IN TOUGH ECONOMIC TIMES. As you regular Journey peeps know, I don’t love talking about giving, money, tithing, but I FREELY acknowledge that as a weakness of mine.

The idea of the series is that we’ll have a ‘BETTER YEAR’ as we live out the values of GOD, LOVE, GRACE in our lives, the world will be rocked again as it was in the first century as we “embody the values of a better kingdom, a better reality.” Jesus laid this out in his signature sermon called the “Sermon on the Mount”. I was struck again that a HUGE CHUNK of this sermon is on money, giving, greed, investing in eternity. It’s like the arc of the stories of our lives will either following KINGDOM VALUES or the dark values of MAMMON.



I had my good friend Andy Andreas in town and he shared the story of selling his company and the ability that gave him to invest in eternity. His get it factor is super high in this area!


Interestingly enough, at the 11:00 service the lights went out. We still had sound and screen but no lights!


I love that we were able to send a young friend who’s heading to the Middle East to spread the good news of Jesus. We covered all his outgoing expenses on the way out the door, just dropping by on the way out!