up : dn     ——    Within the new year, it feels like it becomes possible to look ahead and see the potential of what is to come.  As the old year passes, looking behind encourages us to keep moving forward.  Within this series we will look in other directions for reminders of who we were, who we are, and who we can become.

Jan 6-  “Look Up” – Jarred Benitez (Thin Veils)

            The Kingdom of Heaven is actually closer than you think and it’s pouring out all over the place, but often we are distracted, confused, or even absent in those moments when God wants to soak us with his presence.

Jan 13- “Look Down” – Jarred Benitez (New Shoes)

            You know the feeling right?  That feeling as you slide your feet into a new pair of shoes… still stiff from unworn materials.  The smell of new rubber and fabric.  Shoes that nobody else has worn.  New shoes.  You know this feeling right?  You put on a new pair of shoes and everything changes.  This will be a great day.