This weekend we launched our 11 weeks series in the book of Acts called Vintage us. There definitely was a little extra something in the air. I sense that God has done some prep work in stirring up desire to be the “US” that was and is the VINTAGE US.

11 WEEKS – Yes, for us at Journey, series usually weigh in at about 5-6, maybe 7 weeks. This is a long one. It’s the longest series we’ve done, at least in the 10 years I’ve been here. I’m stoked about soaking in this book together. Plus I LOVE THIS BOOK. It’s fun. It moves. It’s open-ended. It’s full of interesting characters. The Greek is tough sledding (there are so many words in Acts that are not found anywhere in the New Testament, thus they are unfamiliar, and don’t get me started on Luke’s “high brow” grammar and style) but it’s so fun to feel yourself move with God’s Spirit as He takes the Jesus movement global.

ASCENSION – The bulk of the message was on the ascension. Somewhere around Friday it struck me that I’ve never done as message on the Ascension of Jesus. Furthermore, I don’t recall ever hearing a message on the ascension. No one else I talked to had either. But in soaking in this book, it seems like the Vintage Us version of Church talked about it quite frequently.

Check out this verse for example (this is the Contemporary English Version):
Acts 5:30You killed Jesus by nailing him to a cross. But the God our ancestors worshiped raised him to life 31 and made him our Leader and Savior. Then God gave him a place at his right side, so that the people of Israel would turn back to him and be forgiven.
The thought is that the ascension of Jesus is critical to receiving forgiveness of sins. Hmmmm.
Without at least a little clarity on the ascension, it’s hard to make sense of Jesus insistence that Him going away is better for us.

STAFF TEAM AT CASA DE NOBLE – We had our entire staff team over Saturday night for some Rodeo Carniceria tacos. I was a little surprised that pretty much everyone and their spouces if they had one showed up. We also had our new board members there. It was fun to just be together. I’m so grateful for the team I’m working with. It was nice to say “thanks” even in a small way.

I MISS BOB ALREADY – A friend of ours, Bob Carlisle, suddenly passed away this week. I found out on Sunday morning. Bob’s life was a wonderful story of transformative grace. He was one of those guys that always showed up early and saved a whole row for the rest of his family – grandkids, kids, everyone’s friends. Bob had a bunch of very funny one liners. As I walked in to the worship center on Sunday, I went over to his seat and put my hands on it. It felt weird that he wasn’t in it. But I am stoked that he’s got a killer seat for the worship service that he’s experiencing now. Pray for his family as they mourn.