Meet the Millers! 

The Millers set a great example serving as a family in Little Ones.
The dynamic of having Mom and Dad serving with their children and how it effects the kids
in this ministry is awesome. Chase and Skye such a fun addition to our team,
they bring light and laughter every week!! The kids adore them!
Pictured Left to Right: Chase (5th grade), Lisa, Alan, and Skye (11th grade)

Miller Family Interview with Sarah Perez

How long have you been serving at Journey?

In November of 2015, we had been attending Journey for a few months and wanted to begin serving.
We were sitting in 9 o’clock service and heard the announcement “calling all who call Journey their
home let’s make Christmas a success”. We decided to respond. We asked where the most help was
needed and found ourselves in with 2 year olds. 

Why do you choose Little Ones as your place to serve?

We were looking to create more space for God in our family and needed a ministry we could all 4
participate in and so after that first Christmas Eve we felt prompted to stay in Little Ones. We love
the burst of language in the 3-4 year olds, so we asked to move across the hall and and have been
there ever since.

What is your favorite part about serving?

Our favorite things are memorizing simple bible verses using jelly bellies as bribes, talking about bible
stories while we hold our stuffed animal friends and creating soothing transitions that facilitates positive
connections with God.

How has serving together impacted your family?

While some mornings our laps are filled with lots of tearful 3 year olds, other mornings we laugh so hard
as they tell us things like, “Mrs. Lisa, my mom is an alien”. The other volunteers are intentional about
connecting with us, the parents love on us and we leave feeling cared for.