I almost entitled this post, “IF YOU DON’T VOTE YOU SUCK!” But that seemed a little juvenile. And it may be a little strong. Maybe you are in a coma. Maybe you are in jail. Maybe… o.k. That’s it. Everyone else who calls herself or himself a Christ follower should vote.

It’s not too late to register. You have till October 20th in California. OCTOBER 20!!!! Less than a week! For info on how to register click here.

John Wesley used to talk about how we should, “do all the good that we can”. Voting is one of the ways that we can “do good” to people. We can participate. We can bring a Biblically informed perspective to issues & choose candidates who reflect our Scripturally informed values.

I know that politics are not the ultimate answer. I did a whole message saying so. I know that “power over” solutions will never solve problems that only the “Power Under Kingdom” of Jesus can solve. I also know that people with the same Bible as mine will come to differing “Biblically informed” positions than I will. But we must speak up & participate if for no other reason than to express that we care.

So for God sake, do 3 things
1.    Register to vote if you haven’t already. You can check on line if you are registered to make sure.
2.    Get informed about where candidates stand & what the ballot initiatives are. Need help? Well give me your sample ballot & I will fill it out for you. No? O.k. Then study up! If you want a right leaning (conservative) Christian take check out the Family Research Council here. If you want a left leaning (liberal) Christian take you can check out Sojourners here. I encourage you to vote your values, to pray & pray for God’s mercy on us as a nation. You no doubt have heard about Prop 8. This is an important issue. But don’t forget Prop 4. For some reason, no one is talking about this critical life issue.
3.    VOTE!

I always get a little emotional when I vote. I think about how unique in history this is. I think about what it represents. I think about what it took to make this happen & keep this thing alive. For Gods Sake, prayerfully VOTE!