The following statement was read in the weekend services on November 2nd and 4th.

This Tuesday is Election Day. For those of us who are citizens of the United States, we have the opportunity to exercise our right to vote—and we encourage you to do that, to participate in the process. And as you prepare, we also encourage you to pray and seek God and how he is leading you to vote in all areas. As Christ-followers, we recognize and lean in to the fact that no area of our life is outside the realm of God’s control. So, even in our voting, we ask God to guide us.

At the same time, as a community centered around Jesus Christ, we understand the reality that the kingdoms and governments of this world are not our hope. There is only one kingdom that can bring about and actualize true change and redemption in our world—the Kingdom of Heaven. Governments may help to bring progress in the world and when they do we support that, but we remind ourselves that God is bringing his Kingdom—which is “not of this world”, something altogether different, not just another option—and He is doing this through His people who have all different points of view. God is bringing the Kingdom of Heaven here to earth, and with it, beauty and grace and love. We remember that Jesus calls us, his church, to be agents of good news for all people and all sorts of people—the poor, the broken, the enslaved, the marginalized.

We at Journey are committed to staying focused on our ultimate values: God, Love and Grace. From the beginning our goal has been “to reach as many people with the good news of Jesus”—and it is that mission which we are resolved to keeping. Jesus never intended His church to be co-opted by politics or any government system. When that happens, we undermine God’s plan of redemption for this world. Therefore, as a church, we don’t enter the political fray. Rather, we ask God to keep us centered on Him and the massive love-conspiracy that He is unleashing on this world.

So, this Tuesday, we think you should vote. We ask you to take your knowledge of God’s will and ways with you as you do. Ask God to lead and guide you as you reflect on issues and candidates. But also be seeking His will for your life, and how He would have you bring about goodness and love into this world.

“God, bless America” is a prayer. It’s also God’s desire. And as is often the case, in some measure He wants us to be the answer to our own prayer. We are to be the blessing on this nation that we are praying for.