We are Riptide.  A community of Junior High students.  But we’re more than that.

We’re artist.  We’re thinkers.  We’re athletes.  We’re musicians.

We dream big.

We are high energy.  We are controlled chaos.

We are.

We are not defined by our hardship, or our performance.

We are not defined by our mistakes.

We are not mistakes.

We are passionate.  We are risk takers.  We are visionaries.

We are not the future of the church.  We are the church.

And we’re crazy enough to believe that we don’t have to grow up in order to change the world.

We are not defined by what we have done, but what has been done for us.

We are redeemed.  We are reconciled.  We are family.

We are loved.


We’re looking for love… A place to live and move and act… a place where we can be known… and that’s a good thing.

We are Riptide.

A community of Junior High Students.

But we’re more than that.

We are.

Join Us this Season as we move from me to we.

SEPT 2:  Jesus Calls Me.

SEPT 9: Me To We.


SEPT 16: Looking Beyond Ourselves.

SEPT 29: Are You In?

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