What an epic weekend we had! For me personally it was crazy. But that’s another story…


Jason Denison, our worship pastor, was back for the weekend from his sabbatical weekend. It was great to have him back. The worship featured a song he had written that was totally Johnny Cash sounding (I mean this in the coolest possible sense). We actually had an accordion player (Jackie) and HE KILLED IT! We also did the U2 song ONE. It was such a fun, life-giving set.

This weekend marked another fantastic milestone at Journey in that we celebrated the medical clinic opening in Carrefour, Haiti. We had four members of our team sharing what they experience. In addition to hearing what God was doing THROUGH us it was cool to hear what God was doing IN us. Kelly was a part of the panel. She’s new to the whole church thing, but went down with a friend from Journey that she works with at Grossmont Hospital. She is moving closer to connection with Jesus as a result of being a part of what we’re doing in Haiti.

The 3rd message in the JESUS CREED series brought us to Luke’s presentation of Jesus laying out the center of it all. Because of time there were two great quotes that we had to omit that I had for the screens. Here they are:

The Bible tells us that the Xian is in the world, & that there he or she must remain. Christians have not been created in order to separate themselves from, or to live aloof from, the world. When this separation is effected it will be God’s own doing, not mans’… The Xian community must never be a closed body. Jacques Ellul, The Presence of the Kingdom

“If God’s central way of reaching the world was to incarnate himself in Jesus, then our way of reaching the world should likewise be incarnational!” Alan Hirsch The Forgotten Ways

Selah, our unagendaed monthly worship and whatever night was amazing! Personally, God met me in my own weakness and gave me some leadings and some words. It was a crazy wonderful night.

One of the most special moments of the weekend was officiating this wedding. My daughter Bethany has been best friends with Kristina since sixth grade. And as most of you know, Kristina is our founding pastor, Mike Burns’ daughter. I really see God’s hand on them and it was a very cool celebration. Plus if you are one of my Facebook buddies, you know about the, umm facilities! Great great time!