Well here’s one right now, although I’m not sure when I can get it posted.

For those of you that like to look back on the weekends & enjoy a thought or two during the week, I’m sorry for giving you the silent treatment.

As I write this I’m descending into Omaha, Nebraska. I’m speaking for a friend of mine. He is the Student Ministries Pastor at Brookside Church. I’m also speaking at their services this Sunday. Click here for some details.

I’ve had to get some talks ready for them & re-do a few outlines. That came at the same time that I had to… HAD to… HAD TOOOOOOO get some idea of where we are going sermon wise in 09 for our programming & graphics team who work on our awesome weekend guide. Throw in the usual assortment of meetings & crisis thing that come up  & I’ve pretty much been going non-stop. That’s not bueno!

So, I’m finishing this non-post post, its 11:43 central time & I’m sitting in the living room of some of our best friends. It was great to see them. I’m off to the retreat & all the speaking stuff tomorrow.

I’d appreciate prayer that God would move this weekend out in the middle of the midwestern countryside (also back at Journey). Pray for anointing & connection with these kids & this church.

I’ll try to share a few thoughts if I have any Internet access at this camp.